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Explaining Chronological Age and Biological Age

QUESTION: Would you explain chronological age, biological age, and their significance?

ANSWER: Chronological age is simply your age in years. Biological age is your age at a cellular level. These two numbers are not necessarily the same. Lifestyle factors such as nutrition / food choices, exercise, nutritional supplementation, antioxidant status, stress, and stress perception among others impact biological age. So, how you manage your life and the choices you make on a daily basis can either accelerate or slow down your biological aging process in varying degrees. All this boils down to quality of life.

A short list of biomarkers of biological age include skin thickness, skin elasticity, bone density, lean body mass, basal metabolic rate, vision, balance, and flexibility.

Examples of high chronological age with corresponding low biological age are seen in the people of longevity hot spots around the globe. Among these are Okinawa Japan, Nicoya Costa Rica, and Sardinia Italy.  In these places  researchers find an unusually high number of centenarians. What researchers find worthy of study is that they have the biomarkers of people much younger than their years.

According to the Blue Zones research some of the factors that positively influence longevity and quality of life include eating primarily a plant based diet, spending time in nature, exercising a strong faith, investing in family and community, experiencing a clarity of sense of purpose / the reason you wake up in the morning, and many others.

Understanding the difference between chronological age and biological age is significant because once it’s understood that individuals can influence the process by choices they make on a daily basis they are more likely to initiate change.

When I work with clients on the Optimum Performance / Human Performance Systems customized programs, I look at every aspect of how they manage their life. Many clients have become aware of the need for personal responsibility to experience their best quality of life, health, and well being. By taking responsibilty for how they manage their nutrition, exercise and other variables they obtain a degree of control in a world that has become more uncertain. Part of the process of taking responsibility for your health includes obtaining specialized knowledge, for example in the area of nutrition, and then applying that knowledge.

From my experience people appear to have a great desire for personal health and well being today. By taking personal responsibility for their health and how they manage their life, there is significant room for improvement. The Optimum Performance / Human Performance Systems programs in Scottsdale, Arizona provide the personal coaching it takes to make a shift away from bad nutrition habits and lifestyle systems and provide people the tools to succeed. As clients begin to apply what they are taught, especially in the area of nutrition, they influence their biochemistry in a positve fashion. This in turn has a major impact on biological aging.

Call Optimum Performance / Human Performance Systems today at 480-241-2621 and mention this article by Joe Sale, CNS, CSCS on “Chronological Age and Biological Age” to receive 10% off your customized nutrition program.

About Joseph Sale

 Joe Sale, CNS, CSCS, is a board certified nutritionist and a nationally accredited strength & conditioning specialist. His educational credentials include a Bachelor of Science and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Joe has been an adjunct faculty educator and guest lecturer at numerous colleges, universities, and corporations covering human anatomy & physiology, sports nutrition, exercise physiology, corporate performance, and precursors to musculoskeletal sports injuries among other topics. He’s been a guest expert on radio and television and is the author of the Optimum Human Performance Course.

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